FUCHS Titan Cargo Pro 3977 SAE 5W-20

With the legal introduction of the new Euro VI-d emission standard for commercial vehicles, MAN has the new specification
published with the designation MAN M 3977. The design is specifically aimed at saving fuel and reducing pollutant and CO2 emissions in the new MAN Euro VI-d engines.

To achieve these savings, a low-viscosity engine oil of viscosity class SAE 0W-20 or SAE 5W-20 is required according to the specification, as well as a reduced HTHS value. In addition to this, MAN-specific field tests must be completed.

The engine oils according to the new MAN M 3977 specification offer excellent oxidation stability as well as improved foaming behavior. This ensures that the specified change intervals are fully utilized.

The new specification MAN M 3977 can be used in selected MAN Euro VI-d engines, but is not backwards compatible with the older MAN specifications, such as the specification MAN M 3677.


MAN M 3977


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